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Tools & Accessories

  • Desktop tape dispenser

    This is a sturdy weighted plastic dispenser with a non slip base and standard serrated cutting edge.Suitable for tape up to 24mm width. Has a convenient pen holder on the side.

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    This flexible book covering squeegee helps with smooth application of book covering.  Helps to remove bubbles and get that perfect result every time! A felt covered edge for non scratch smoothing of film and a harder edge for creasing. ...

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  • Cutting mat

    Self Healing Cutting Mat

    Perfect for book covering, arts & crafts scrapbooking, dressmaking, and hobbies. Protect benchtops and worksurfaces from damage.cutting matUsing a cutting mat and knife when covering a book is faster and more accurate than using scissors, however a...

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  • Snap blade cutting knife

    This inexpensive basic cutting knife is perfect for use when covering.  Features a retractable segmented blade which can be snapped when blunt to reveal a new, sharp segment. Works well with a cutting mat.    

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  • Double Sided Tape Gun

    Double Sided Tape Gun

    Save time and frustration!  Accurately apply double sided tape in seconds with no cutting, peeling of backing paper and mess.Using double sided tape can be a slow, messy and frustrating process, as the individual pieces of tape are cut, applied and...

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  • Book Glue

    Adhesive used for book binding, book repair and general use.  It is a water based, solvent free adhesive with low odour. White when wet, it dries clear and retains flexibility over time.It is suitable for many aspects of book repair, and also works...

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