Book Covering Service

Book Covering Service

Hate covering books?  Can't stand trying to get a good result without bubbles and wasted film?

Let us do it for you!

Any kind of book, any kind of covering, any size book, $5.00 each. 

This service is intended for personal quantities of books, if you need a large quantity covered please contact us as we will be able to refer you to services for large volume covering.

Currently this service is provided only in our Vermont, Victoria office.  You will need to be able to drop your books off with us.  Small quantities (1-3 books) may be able to be covered while you wait, by arrangement. Otherwise please allow 2-5 days for covering.

While we take every possible care with your books, this service is offered at your own risk as books can sometimes (very rarely) have characteristics which can make covering very difficult.  Please be assured that we take all possible care with your books.


Not in Victoria?  Try the following.

(Please note: The Book Cover Co is not connected with these businesses)



Run For Cover Books
Facebook Link

[email protected]

0412 593 009
Botany, NSW




We would like to be able to refer people to book covering services in all states, if you know of one, please contact us and we can add it.





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    As this is a service you can't order it online, but oddly enough we can't make it show up on the site without a product item! Please contact us for information about getting your books covered.
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