CoverPro System

CoverPro System

CoverPro System

Coverpro Book Covering System

Australian designed and made, the CoverPro book covering system allows for rapid and consistently high quality covering for paperback books, in particular flush cut covering. 

Designed for bulk volume book covering, it is intended for use by companies covering very large quantities of books, and is capable of a consistent high level throughput.

It is used with a thicker adhesive film (Also available from us) supplied in sheets.  Once applied to the book, the edges are trimmed flush either with a knife or guillotine.

This can be used with our pre-cut sheets in either 175micron or our standard Plascote range in sheets.


The operator places a sheet on the table, then positions the book spine downwards.  Sliding the book down, the automatic clamp hold the book in position to cover the spine, then the table opens, and the book is pushed through the rollers.  The book emerges from the machine ready for final trimming, and can be either collected in a tub or carried on the optional conveyor system.


The Coverpro machine can cover in excess of 250 books per hour, vastly increasing your capacity to process books.  This gives not only increased efficieny, but saves money in labour costs.


Price available on request, please contact us for a quote.

Financing available.

Options include

  • Pneumatic lift table
  • Conveyor belt system
  • Side Tables


  • 240VAC 10A power supply
  • Air compressor

Warranty and repair

As the CoverPro is manufactured by us, and uses many standard components, availability of parts and servicing is very quick.

The machine has a comprehensive 3 year warranty, covering parts and labour.  It is designed to require little maintenance and to be quickly and easily serviced. 


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