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Reading accessories

Book stands, lights, magnifiers, bookmarks and more!  These items make reading easier and are great gifts for book lovers of all ages.

  • Acrylic dome magnifier with protective bag Acrylic Dome Magnifier - 80mm

    Acrylic Dome Magnifier - 80mm

    This attractive solid acrylic magnifier gives a clear magnified image, and slides easily over the page.  Clear sides allow light to illuminate the page for ease of viewing.  Will work on any flat surface including phone screens...

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  • Reading Magnifier - 100mm Glass Reading Magnifier - 100mm Glass

    Reading Magnifier - 100mm Glass

    This attractive glass magnifier with a metal frame gives you a clearer view of fine print and details.  Can be used on any smooth surface including a phone screen. Weight: 0.250 kg Width: 100mm Magnification : 6X   Usage tips Do not...

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