Plascote Self Adhesive - 10M Home use rolls

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$16.55 - $22.30
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For home users who don't need a full 20M roll of book covering, our 10M rolls are a cost effective way to order professional quality book covering.  10M rolls are cheaper and have lower postage rates. 

Using a high quality delayed bond adhesive film like this is helps give you a professional result every time, it's the difference between the cheap, hard to use book covering sold in supermarkets and what schools and libraries use. 

Thickness : 80 micron (this is the most common grade used professionally)

Suitable for: Permanent covering of paperbacks, hardcover books without covers, general craft and document protection.

Tip for saving on shipping

The cost of shipping for multiple rolls is only slightly higher than the cost for a single roll.  To save money, it's worth considering sharing the costs with someone else and ordering multiple rolls.


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