Book Covering

Book Covering is our specialty, and we have a number of options depending on your requirements.

 Non adhesive coverings are removable and replaceable.  The book is protected without any covering permanently attached.

  • Centurion - PVC covering in gloss or matt - our most popular non adhesive covering
  • Unifold - Dust Jacket Sleeve in PVC or Polypropylene
  • Pro-Lene - Polypropylene archival film
  • Slip-on Covers - Adjustable quick-fit covers

Adhesive Coverings are permanent coverings, the most popular example is our 'Plascote' self adhesive covering, often used with schoolbooks and library books.

  • Plascote - 80 micron gloss or satin, or 100 micron gloss.  Our most popular range of adhesive covering.
  • Plascote 10M Home Rolls - shorter rolls for home use, same professional quality but a cheaper option.
  • Flexicote - 250 micron adhesive sheets

Archival Coverings are acid free and designed for delicate books or long term preservation.

  • Pro-Lene - Polypropylene Archival Film