Pro-Lene (Acid Free)

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  • Pro-Lene (Acid Free)
  • Pro-Lene (Acid Free)
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Pro-Lene Acid Free Covering

Pro-Lene is a crystal clear, non adhesive 90 micron thick polypropylene film, which will enhance the appearance of your books while offering long lasting protection to your valued books.
This grade of film is chemically inert, meaning it leaches no chemicals as it ages. It is also an oxygen barrier, and is highly resistant to a wide range of substances, including adhesives, grease, permanent markers and other staining materials.

Pro-Lene is used for covering hardback books, with or without dust jackets, or paperbacks.
Pro-Lene can also be used for a wide range of other applications, such as protecting hanging prints or artworks without laminating or framing.

  • Durable 90 micron thickness
  • Acid free
  • Gloss finish
  • Long aging
  • Non stick
  • Won't bind to surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • 25, 50 or 100M rolls
  • Stable non-shrink film, heat resistant.

Pro-Lene is also used in our Unifold and Unifold Pro range of dust jacket sleeving.

235mm        $28.70         $47.90          $93.15
300mm $36.10 $60.20 $118.00
350mm $38.05 $63.55 $124.20
400mm $43.45 $72.45 $142.85
450mm $45.40 $75.70 $149.00
600mm $57.25 $95.45 $174.70
900mm $80.40 $134.00 $258.75
1300mm $113.75 $195.00 $355.00


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